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Welcome to the Australasian Sarcoma Study Group Website

Sarcomas are a group of devastating cancers arising in the connective tissues, including fat, muscle, cartilage and bone.

Sarcomas account for less than 3% of all cancers. Almost 90% of sarcomas occur in adults but affect a younger population than most cancers. Sarcomas comprise 20% of cancers in children and up to 10% in young adults. Two in five patients with sarcoma will go on to die from their disease. The effect of sarcoma on the community in terms of disability-adjusted life years is huge and comparable to cervical cancer. Research published in the United States shows a highly, statistically significant correlation between conducting research and survival; in other words, research impacts directly upon survival.

In 2007, a group of clinicians with shared interests in sarcomas decided to develop an effective clinical research co-operative group to improve outcomes for sarcoma and related tumours in the Australian community, by undertaking outstanding international basic, translational, clinical and supportive care research.

The Australasian Sarcoma Study Group provides the infrastructure for collaboration between multi-disciplinary teams (MDT), which comprise specialist health professionals that work together to discuss cases and to determine how best to manage treatment and care (for example, specialist cancer doctors and nurses and supportive care clinicians such as social workers, psychologists and physiotherapists).

This website aims to provide a resource for patients, families, carers, clinicians and health professionals who seek information about sarcoma and current research or wish to contact a specialist or to find out how to make a difference.

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