Strategic Plan

The Board at the October 2016 meeting approved the 2016-21 strategic plan. The strategy has been developed over the past year under the stewardship of the Board of Directors, with strong contribution from the wider sarcoma community. A healthy and open discussion was also held with the Scientific Advisory Committee at the October 2016 whom assisted is refining deliverables and milestones. The full strategic plan 2016-2021 is available here.

The vision is “to advocate for and to improve patient outcomes for sarcoma and related tumours through the delivery of high quality and globally recognised Australian and international basic, translational, clinical and supportive care research’.

There are four core strategies:
  • Developing and delivering quality research. The aims include focusing on collaboration amongst the sarcoma community network, increasing clinical trail accruals with improved patient survival rates and deepening the portfolio of high quality human centered clinical trials with an increasing shift to translational research projects
  • Increasing awareness and recognition. The awareness of rare sarcoma cancers is low and requires a purposeful focus to educate and promote the benefits of research to the community. Recognising ASSG members involved in high quality sarcoma and tumour related research could assist in the narrative. It is vital that the sarcoma community attract and retain high quality dedicated clinical and research staff and that a pathway to fostering the next generation is facilitated.
  • Funding: ASSG can play an influencing role in communicating the narrative outlining the community and government benefits to attracting increased funding to the sector. Achieving a sustainable long term funding position is desirable. 
  • Governance: Stakeholder, patients, clinicians, philanthropic and government groups expect first class governance for organisations seeking resources whether human, financial or otherwise. ASSG Board is investing heavily in improving governance of ASSG including director education and stewarding the implementation of the strategic plan and overseeing the risk profile of ASSG

The strategic plan is ambitious and aspirational. The Board is currently stewarding a sizing of the scope of the implementation of the strategic plan including a practical assessment of the resources required to implement the plan. Members will be provided with regular progress reports.

Last update: 16-Dec-2016 09:36 AM