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In line with the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights, the Australasian Sarcoma Study Group advocates community engagement in developing and conducting research activities. Community participation better enables ASSG to develop research into the improvement of quality care, treatment and management of patients with sarcoma.

A sarcoma community member is any person who is affected by sarcoma, including patients, carers, family and friends; that is, consumers and supporters.

The ASSG engages community representatives regarding protocols, study documents and research activities. The aim is to engage the community regarding clinical research processes, protocol development and patient information and informed consent procedures.

The ASSG is committed to supporting the community and working collaboratively with research and support networks to mentor community participation within clinical trials. This collaboration will strengthen the research aims under investigation as well as the future directions of sarcoma research.

Currently, the ASSG is in the process of developing a number of resources and initiatives to assist the community to become active and informed representatives in the development of clinical research.

If you are interested in contributing to any aspect of research development please contact us.

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