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In 2009 the ASSG determined the capability of Australasian sarcoma centres to conduct clinical research. Twenty-eight separate institutions were identified as providing some sarcoma service and of these, 15 showed strong interest in participating in sarcoma research. In 2011 the views of ASSG members, on the preferred role of the ASSG in the further growth of patient accrual on sarcoma clinical trials, were determined. The majority of members were supportive of the ASSG taking a lead role with trial sponsors while a high percentage were willing to work with the ASSG on clincial research initiatives.


The ASSG is a founding member of the World Sarcoma Network with access to international studies and experts. Also, in October each year at the annual sarcoma conference, local and international sarcoma experts present research and engage in collaboration.

In short, the ASSG enjoys strong interest in, access to and commitment from members to participating in clinical research.

Current Research Portfolio

The ASSG research portfolio comprises international, multi-site; national multi-site; and regional, single site studies and clinical trials.

The types of studies include treatment (medical/radiation/surgical oncology/psychosocial); prevention/ screening/ epidemiological (familial cancer); pre-clinical (radiation oncology); and academic, including PhDs being undertaken through sarcoma research grants and awards.

View ASSG Studies

ASSG endorsed, clinical studies that have patients enrolled can be viewed by clicking on each study below. Information is provided about participating sites, recruitment status and publications.

Open Studies
  • ASSG02-09 ISKS
  • ASSG19 - SMOC+
  • rEECur
  • SARC032
    Closed Studies
  • ASSG01-08 SUNXRT
  • ASSG03-10 AYA PK
  • ASSG06-11 Pulmonary Metastases Register
  • ASSG11-LDE 225
  • ASSG13 - PVNS
  • ASSG21-EEO8

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