Sarcoma Australia… a collective of families who want to make a difference

Since beginning in 2008, the ASSG has enjoyed strong community interest and representation on its Board and advisory committees. There are many families across Australia who sadly, have lost a loved-one to sarcoma, and now want to make a difference. As individuals or groups, many families have been raising funds to support research into sarcoma.

In late 2010, the ASSG moved to form partnerships with community groups across Australia with a common mission: to improve outcomes for people affected by sarcoma. This group is now called Sarcoma Australia. By bringing together separate organisations, Sarcoma Australia hopes to accelerate and maximise their impact on this deadly disease. Contact Sarcoma Australia.


To improve outcomes for all in the Australian community affected by sarcoma and related tumours by

  1. Advocating to improve outcomes, treatment and quality of life for those affected by sarcoma
  2. Working in collaboration with the ASSG and other cancer research institutions to identify areas of need regarding research opportunities
  3. Raising awareness about sarcoma: diagnosis, latest treatments, research and clinical trials
  4. Supporting sarcoma patients, their families, friends and carers through providing accurate written and electronic information
  5. Providing access to appropriate resources to offer education to communities and individuals about sarcoma
  6. Enhancing opportunities to attract funding for sarcoma research through co-ordinating selected fundraising activities.

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