What is ASSG

In 2007, a group of about 70 clinicians, mostly surgeons with shared interests in sarcoma - the Australian Sarcoma Group - decided to set up an effective clinical research cooperative group.

In January 2008, with funding from Cancer Australia and under the auspices of the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia, the Australasian Sarcoma Study Group (ASSG) established itself as a national Cooperative Cancer Clinical Research Group and commenced operation. From 2009, the University of Melbourne became the administering institution for the ASSG through
Cancer Australia’s Support for Cancer Clinical Research Program. Under this program, the Australian Government provides funding to build Australia’s capacity to conduct cancer clinical research. The ASSG is one of thirteen Multisite Collaborative National Cancer Clinical Trials Groups supported under this program. The Groups were established to help reduce the impact of cancer in the community through facilitating the coordination of and collaboration between all stakeholders, including people affected through cancer, health professionals, researchers, cancer organisations and governments.

In addition to Cancer Australia funding, the ASSG has received generous donations from philanthropy and competitive grants that collectively, will help to reduce the personal and community impact of sarcoma.

The aim of the ASSG is to improve outcomes for sarcoma and related tumours in the Australian community by undertaking outstanding international basic, translational, clinical and supportive care research.

The ASSG provides the infrastructure for collaboration between multi-disciplinary teams (MDT), which comprise specialist health professionals who work together to discuss cases and how to best manage treatment and care.

Membership is open to health care professionals and researchers with an interest in sarcoma. Friends of the ASSG can sign up to receive community information.

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