Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and St Vincent’s Hospital

Sarcoma Service Team*

Medical Oncology


Paediatric Oncology

Dr Jayesh Desai
A/Prof David Thomas

Dr Susie Bae

Dr Lisa Orme

Surgical Oncology


Prof Peter Choong

A/Prof Michael Henderson

Dr David Gyorki

Mr Gerard Powell

Dr Grant Peng

Dr Claudia DiBella

Radiation Oncology

Dr Sarat Chander

Dr Julie Chu
Dr Marcus Foo

A/Prof Sam Ngan

Radiology, Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

Prof Rod Hicks

Dr Ross McKellar

Dr Stephen Schlicht

Dr Collin Styles

Dr Kim Taubman


Dr Catherine Mitchell

A/Prof John Slavin

Ancillary Supportive Care

Social Work
Nursing Surgical/Radiation Oncology
Nursing Medical Oncology


Ms Annette Betheras
Ms Emma Gardner
Ms Emma Gardner

Find a Specialist Contact



Medical Oncology

Ms Emma Gardner

+ 61 3 9656 1111

Surgical/Radiation Oncology

Ms Emma Gardner

+ 61 3 9656 1111

Clinical Research Contact

Dr Denise Caruso

+ 61 3 9656 3605

*Other health care professionals also practice within this multi-disciplinary team


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