Prince of Wales Hospital


Sarcoma Service Team*

Medical Oncology

Prof Michael Friedlander

Dr Craig Lewis

Dr Kate Webber

AYA Services

Dr Antoinette Anazodo
Dr Toby Trahair

Surgical Oncology

Prof Philip Crowe

Mr Andrew Parasyn

Dr Chris Lehane

Radiation Oncology

A/Prof Robert Smee

Dr Stephen Thompson

Radiology, Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

Dr Daniel Moses
A/Prof Robert Phillips
Dr Eva Wegner
Dr Ivan Ho-Shon


Dr Trent Davidson 



Find a Specialist

Ms Renee Hannan

+ 61 2 9382 2894

Clinical Research

Ms Christie Norris

+ 61 2 9382 2466

*Other health care professionals also practice within this multi-disciplinary team

Last update: 10-Mar-2017 01:30 PM

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