Sydney Children's Hospital

Sarcoma Service Team*

Medical Paediatric and Adolescent Oncology

Dr Draga Barbaric

A/Prof Richard Cohn

Prof Glenn Marshall

Dr Tracey O’Brien

Dr Susan Russell

Dr Toby Trahair

Dr David Zieglar

Surgical Oncology

Dr Susan Adams

Dr Bruce Currie

Dr Anthony Dilley

Dr Guy Henry

Dr Vincent Varjavandi

Radiation Oncology

A/Prof Robert Smee

Radiology, Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

Dr Chee-Chung Hiew

Dr John Periera


Dr Ella Sugo

Dr Vivienne Tobias

Ancillary Supportive Care


Find a Specialist Contact

Dr Toby Trahair

+ 61 2 9382 2970

Clinical Research Contact

Dr Toby Trahair

+ 61 2 9382 2970

*Other health care professionals also practice within this multi-disciplinary team

Last update: 09-Jun-2011 05:23 PM


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