The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

Sarcoma Service Team*

Medical Paediatric and Adolescent Oncology

Dr Mary Bergin

Dr Luciano Dalla Pozza

Dr Stewart Kellie

Dr Geoffrey McCowage

Dr Michael Stevens

Surgical Oncology


Dr Danny Cass

Dr Ralph Cohen

Dr Genevieve Cummins

Dr John Harvey

Dr Andrew Holland

Dr Jonty Karpelowsky
Dr Erik La Hei

Dr Albert Shun

Dr Soundappan Soundappan
Mr Richard Boyle
Mr Paul Stalley 

Radiation Oncology

Dr Verity Ahern

Radiology, Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

Dr David Chung

Dr Robert Howman-Giles

Dr David Lord
Dr Ella Onikul

Dr Hamda Saleh

Dr Roger Uren
Dr Denise Warner


Dr Susan Arbuckle

Dr Amanda Charlton

Dr Nicole Graf

Ancillary Supportive Care

Clinical Nursing

Social Work


Ms Alison Baker

Ms Cecilia Egan

Find a Specialist Contact

Dr Geoffrey McCowage

+ 61 2 9845 2141

Clinical Research Contact

Dr Geoffrey McCowage

+ 61 2 9845 2141

*Other health care professionals also practice within this multi-disciplinary team

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