The Royal Adelaide Hospital


Sarcoma Service Team*

Medical Oncology

Dr Sid Selva Nayagam

Dr Nimit Singhal

Paediatric Oncology

Dr Michael Osborn

Dr Maria Kirby

Surgical Oncology

Dr Richard Smith

Prof Grantley Gill

Mr Robert Whitfield

Plastics and Reconstructive

Dr Roger Woods 

Radiation Oncology

Dr Raghu Gowda

Dr Michael Penniment

Paediatric Radiation Oncology

Dr Andrew Potter

Dr Hien Le

Radiology, Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

Dr Ken Chan

Dr Shreya Parasivam

Dr Michelle Nottage

Dr Ghee Chew


Prof Gelarah Farshid

Ancillary Supportive Care

AYA Coordinator

Mr Allan Hayward

Ms Melissa Jones



Find a Specialist

Dr Raghu Gowda

+ 61 8 8222 4000

Clinical Research

Dr Nimit Singhal

+ 61 8 8222 4000

*Other health care professionals also practice within this multi-disciplinary team

Last update: 01-Apr-2016 10:56 AM

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