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Happy Holidays from the team at the Australasian Sarcoma Study Group (ASSG).  

We wish you all peace and happiness in the New Year. The ASSG year in review has seen some significant achievements for the group.  We at the ASSG thank you for your ongoing and generous support for sarcoma research.  We look forward to working with you in the New Year to achieve our common goal of improving outcomes for sarcoma patients and their families.  The December 2014 edition of the Sarcoma Australia E-News highlights the ASSG activities and achievements over the last six months.   



ASSG Research Meeting Melbourne November

The ASSG held its November research meeting in Melbourne and welcomed new researchers to present to the group for the first time. In addition to the Annual Scientific meeting, the ASSG has two research meetings a year. These research meetings are invitation only and are supported by our Cancer Australia grant to promote and develop research projects for sarcoma.  These all day meetings generally consist of three parts: 1) clinical trial review and updates, where ASSG supported clinical trials are discussed and challenges and achievements addressed, 2) new concept development presentations with discussion and input from the group for further development and future conduct and, 3) sarcoma Research Grant recipients present their projects and results to the group.  Prior to the November meeting the ASSG held an open call for new concepts for research ideas.  We received several submissions that were then presented to the ASSG research group for feedback and workshopping.  The ASSG Fellow and the Biostatics Unit work with the investigator to begin the process of protocol development to further their ideas.  



ASSG Research Meeting held November in Melbourne

Data Managers Workshop held August in Melbourne

Research Report

News from our supporters

Sarcoma Research Grants

Important Dates for 2015


Data Mangers Workshop held September in Melbourne

The ASSG held the annual data managers workshop where all data managers from all the sites were in attendance.  The group worked to continuously improve the quality of the data to be entered onto the National ACCORD Sarcoma database.  Ensuring that the data entered is consistent across sites is crucial to the value of database as a whole.  The Sarcoma Database is ongoing resource for research and information on the current patterns of care for sarcoma patients in Australia and their long term outcomes.  In the last year several research projects have utilised the data that has been to answer specific research questions to understand practice relating to clinical follow up, and functional outcomes for patients with sarcomas. 

Research Report

The ASSG is proud to report that we have opened Euro Ewing 08 at three sites and have four patients enrolled on the study.  Euro Ewing 08 clinical trial is fully funded by the Rainbows for Kate Foundation.  This study is for both newly diagnosed and recurrent Ewing Sarcoma patients and for both adult and paediatric patients. This study is the first ASSG study to be opened across both adult and paediatric hospitals. The three hospitals to have opened this study to date are the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Monash Hospitals, and Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth.  The next four sites to open this study in early 2015 are Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (Melbourne), Westmead (Sydney), Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital (Perth), and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse (Sydney). This study will be open for several years to recruitment in Australia and the data will be combined with others from around the world.  The head office for this study is in Germany where it originated and the ASSG is pleased to be able to contribute Australian data to the global results.  

Sarcoma Research Grants 


The grant review panel met in early December to discuss the grant applications for two sarcoma research grants.


Johanna Sewell Sarcoma Research Grant-Ms Helen Sewell has continued her ongoing support of sarcoma research by again funding a $50,000 one year grant for a sarcoma research project.  Ms Sewell has provided funding since 2010, for high quality research proposals that have been important in to progressing sarcoma research. The awardee for the 2015 is Dr David Goode at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, for his study “Validating putative novel sarcoma risk genes via targeted DNA sequencing”


Leon Stone Sarcoma Research Grant-The Stone family and friends have donated $26,000 for funding or a research project on osteosarcoma for the third year. The winner for the 2015 grant is Dr Christine Hawkins of LaTrobe University for her study, “Pre-clinical evaluation of IAP antagonists in osteosarcoma.”

Important Dates for 2015


Mark your calendars for the Australian Sarcoma Group Annual Scientific Meeting to be held in Brisbane October 17th and 18th 2015.  The theme is “Precision in Sarcoma Treatment” and we look forward to some very interesting sessions with experts in the fields of medical, surgical and radiation oncology, pathology, nursing, allied health and basic science. 


July is International Sarcoma Awareness Month, and the ASSG plans to hold a consumer forum in early 2015 to begin planning a unified Australian effort to raise awareness of sarcoma to the wider community. The ASSG welcomes your ideas and comments.


News from our Supporters

 Rainbows for Kate Foundation

The Rainbows for Kate Foundation (RFK) have generously agreed to support the clinical trial study, EuroEwing 08 (EE08) in its entirety. RFK are supporting this study due to the great need for this clinical trial for Ewing sarcoma patients particularly in the Adolescent and Young Adult population.  This study is an important achievement for ASSG as it is the first study to be accessible to both adult, adolescent and paediatric sarcoma patients.  The ASSG is indebted to RFK for their enduring support of the ASSG and sarcoma research.

GPA Andrew Ursini Charitable Fund

The GPA Andrew Ursini Charitable Fund continues to be strong supporters of the ASSG and sarcoma research.  Watch this space for upcoming opportunities for sarcoma research.


Kicking Goals for Xav Foundation

Denise Caruso attended their recent function for the Kicking Goals for Xav Foundation in Melbourne.  This happy and successful event was held in memory of Xavier Krikori to raise funds for sarcoma research.  The Krikori family have generously offered a $20,000 sarcoma research grant to be open for applications in 2015.

December 2014
Research Brief
PVNS: An international clinical trial exploring the effect of nilotinib as a treatment for patients with pigmented villo-nodular synovitis / tenosynovial giant cell tumour
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CASPS: An international clinical trial assessing cediranib treatment in patients with metastatic alveolar soft part sarcoma
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LDE225: A clinical trial on LDE225 in the treatment of patients with metastatic or unresectable sarcoma
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SUNXRT: A clinical trial for patients with soft-tissue sarcoma using a multimodal approach of radiotherapy and sunitinib treatment
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AYAPK: A clinical trial characterising the activity of Doxorubicin in tumour types with worse prognoses for specific gender and age populations
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SMOC: A pilot study to determine whether whole body MRI is a useful screening toolfor high risk patients and their family members.
ISKS: International Sarcoma Kindred Study is a population based project investigating the familial aspects of sarcoma. 
EuroEwings/RFK: International Phase 3 trial for patients with locally advanced unresectable or metastatic Ewings sarcoma.
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December 2014

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